Potato Incubator

The Potato Incubator is an patented technology developed to provide a simple and yet very powerful solution for cultivating potato seed in a soilless medium. The Potato Incubator adds remarkable value to the seed potato industry. More »

Potato Incubator (PIP)

“A breakthrough in the production of potato mini tubers”

The Vital Farms Potato Incubator (PIP) is a complete system for the production of mini-tubers. Using patented technology and advanced fertilisation systems, mini-tubers are grown in a controlled environment. Mini-tubers can be selectively harvested as and when desired. The Potato Incubator realizes outstandingly high yields both in the number of usable tubers and in the total weight per m2. In addition to improved profitability, the Potato Incubator provides a substantial contribution towards an improved standard of quality in the seedling chain.

Mini-tubers are grown in specially designed, patented cultivation structures. Thesecultivation structures, featuring separate rooting and harvesting zones, are optimally adjusted for the development of potato plants and for fortifying their growth. The plants’ roots, stolons and foliage grow separately in their own compartments ensuring optimum control of the growth process. The roots are in an aeroponic (fogging) environment and are dosed with optimum amounts of water and nutritients. The system can also support NFT and hydroponics.

With the PIP-systems, bacterial pressure from outside is minimized; growth is free from sub-soil, takes place in a confined space and starts off with virus-free material. In addition, the recirculating irrigation system is equipped with Ultra Violet (UV) filters so that nutrients and water remain free from pathogens. The PIP systems include safety functions and back-up facilities to minimize risks to growth. In the case of malfunction, the alarm system alerts the grower and, if required, the supplier. Due to the controllable growing conditions, the PIP systems are well-suited to closed management, and the efficient recirculation system ensures a reduced water and nutrient consumption.

The Potato Incubator has been designed for frequent harvesting, user-friendly harvesting conditions and an effective use of growing space. Each cultivation gutter is suspended from an overhead frame and is rollable; this avoids the unnecessary loss of growing space otherwise needed as walkways. Frequent harvesting makes it possible to realize optimum dimensions of the mini-tubers.

Growers have repeatedly realized yields of mini-tubers that exceed those of conventional growing methods tenfold in terms of numbers and total weight per m2.


The potato incubator can add remarkable value to the seed potato industry: