About us

Vital Farms B.V. was established in 2011 with a keen dedication and focus on the development of innovations serving the agricultural and the horticultural industries. Horticoop B.V., NorStar Corporation, and Inventtech GmbH joined forces to combine over 150 years of product development and distribution experience in forming Vital Farms. The founding companies have individually been serving the needs in these markets for over a century and by joining forces, they created unique, synergistic, and complementary capabilities to better serve the horticulture and agriculture industries. Vital Farms’ founders started their collaboration in mid 2010 by identifying and developing unique solutions to bring value to the global horticulture and agriculture industries. This collaboration produced a number of breakthroughs in the cultivation of vegetables and a wealth of intellectual property and patents.

Vital Farms’ mission is to bring value to the horticulture and agriculture industries by providing complete “turnkey” solutions, which include unique products, growing methods, processes, procedures, and “knowhow”.